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Siegrist Dam & Swatara Intake

Sources of Supply

The Water System is supplied from two surface water sources, which are Siegrist Reservoir and Swatara Creek Intake. Facilities associated with these two sources are discussed below.

Siegrist Reservoir

Siegrist Reservoir, which is formed by Siegrist Dam, is located on Fishing Creek, approximately 14 miles north of Lebanon. Siegrist Dam is a concrete dam, 125 feet high and 600 feet long with a capacity of 1.2 billion gallons that was completed and placed in operation in 1994.

Swatara Creek Intake

The existing Swatara Creek facilities, which were constructed in 1972, are located on the west side of Swatara Creek near Jonestown. The supply facilities include an on-stream intake and a raw water pumping station. The present facilities have a nominal capacity of 10 million gallons daily ("mgd"), but are designed to be expandable to 20 mgd capacity.

Expansion to the full 20 mgd capacity would require the removal of one existing pump, the installation of two new pumps, and piping modifications