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Sewer Sliplining
The following document has been added to our 2015 Sewer Sliplining Project page:
Bid Results

Open Positions
We have two open positions. For more information please visit our Employment page.

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Hours of operation are:
Admin Office M–F, 8:00am–4:30pm
Billing Office M–F, 8:30am–4:00pm

Welcome to the City of Lebanon Authority website.

Daily business contact information and Emergency contact information are located at the bottom of our homepage.

Our Mission:

"Our mission is to provide the customers and ratepayers of The Authority with high quality, safe and environmentally sound water and sewer services at a reasonable cost."

We are rebidding our 2016 Petroleum:



Results for all 2016 materials will be posted after our December 14 Board Meeting.




Water System Rules and Regulations

Click here to view the Rules and Regulations for the Water System. UPDATED 9-23-15

Click here to view the Rules and Regulations for the Sewer System.

Please reference the following fee schedules:

These fee schedules are also available in the "Rules and Regulations".

Current Water Capacity Fees

Current Sewer Capacity Fees


Please reference "Finance & Billing" for frequently requested forms and documents.

Click here for the City of Lebanon Authority - General Specifications for Water Main and Sewer Main Construction and associtated Details.

OCE Multifunctional Printer

In November of 2012, the Authority had placed an advertisement in the Lebanon Daily News for the sale of an Oce Multifunctional Printing System.  Unfortunately, no bids were received. If interested please contact the Authority as described in the following specifications. Click here for specifications.

Bid results for our Cured In Place Sewer Project has been added to our Current Projects - Sewer page and by clicking here.

Our Employment page has been updated with two open positions.

The Consumer Confidence Report for 2014 has been added to our Annual Report page.

How to Contact us:

All Billing Inquiries/Name or Address Change - 717-675-2181

Night/Weekend Water Emergencies  -       717-865-2191

Night/Weekend Sewer Emergencies  -      717-507-6730


Billing Office - 717-675-2181 call for all billing related questions, to transfer bill to/out of your name.

Administration - 717-272-2841 call for general questions, Administation department and general water and sewer related issues.

WasteWater - 717-272-2841 call for sewer related questions and issues.

Water Maintenance - 717-273-2506 call for water distribution system maintenance.

Water Meter - 717-273-1354 call for issues with your water meter.

Water Filter - 717-865-2191 call for water quality issues.


Please note: We are only the Water/WasteWater company for the City of Lebanon and the surrounding communities.  We are not affiliated with the City of Lebanon or County of Lebanon government.  If you have a questions or need assistance from the Lebanon Courthouse, please call 274-2801.