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The City of Lebanon Authority is happy to announce that we have partnered with Paymentus for these services. Please see our home page and FAQ page for all the details!
Lead and Copper
Lead and copper information has been updated for 2019. Please see our Water Quality page.
Our 2018 CCR (Water Quality Report) is available
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Hours of operation are:
Admin Office M–F, 8:00am–4:30pm
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The City of Lebanon Authority has the following project out for bid:

12" Water Main Construction on Walnut Street

Lincoln Avenue to 5th Avenue

Bidders please be advised: City of Lebanon Authority now requires meter pits for all service connections.

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Ad for Bids

Instruction to Bidders

Information Available to Bidders

Bid Form

Bid Bond Damages

Agreement of Surety


Peformance Bond

Payment Bond

Partial Waiver of Liens

Final Release Waiver of Liens

General Conditions

Supplementary Conditions

Nondiscrimination Sexual Harassement Clause

Prevailing Wage Chart

Plan Set Cover Page

Plan Set Page 1

Plan Set Page 2

Plan Set Page 3

Plan Set Page 4

Plan Set Page 5

Plan Set Page 6