FAQ Billing

You and the Landlord will need to complete a Tenant/Landlord Form and submit it to the billing office, then we can switch the account to you. It’s a good idea to make sure the landlord reads the water meter before you move in so they can bring the account balance current before you move in.
The water meter is usually in your basement or utility closet in the wall that faces the street. You read the numbers on the dials left to right, just like a car odometer.
You can pay your bill in person at our billing office with cash, check or money order. You can mail your payment to us, or use our drop box. You can click on the Pay Now link here on our website or phone our automated system at 1-833-339-3578. These methods will accept credit and debit cards and e-checks. There is a fee for using these external methods.
You will need to complete a Request for Water Termination Form, pay a shut off fee of $75.00 and call our office to schedule an appointment for an employee to visit the property and shut the water off.
Contact the billing office and change your billing address. The post office will not forward mail because the Authority uses bulk mailing postage. Or pay online using a credit card.